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Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre Hair Removal Treatments

The full list of our Hair Removal Treatments including Ladies Waxing, Gents Waxing, Threading, Tinting and Combo Treatments is comprehensive -Please take a look at the price list.


Using specialised products from Depileve, waxing offers a quick and effective way of hair removal. Bush tea hot wax is the product used by Lady Grace for all waxes. Lanolin, mineral oil, sunflower seed oil and extract from the rooibos leaf are all key ingredients in bush tea hot wax that reduce inflammation and irritation for all skin types.

The hot wax is applied to the desired area and removed by pulling or placing a wax strip on the area to assist in the wax removal. Waxing pulls the hair out from the follicle, making its results last much longer than shaving.

Waxing can be done for almost any area of the body and Lady Grace offers both ladies and men’s waxing.


Using a very specific thread made from cotton or polyester, the thread is twisted and manoeuvred by the therapist to glide over desired area – plucking rows of hair rather than one hair at a time, this method removes the hair from the follicle. Threading is only an effective hair removal method for the face as the hair on any other part of the body may be too thick to effectively be removed.

Eyebrow threading treatment at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre

Why Wax or Thread is Better Than Shaving

In-grown hairs, razor burn, minute cuts and scrapes as well as skin irritation can all be after-effects of shaving. While shaving is the most widely used hair removal method due to it being relatively inexpensive; no pain or fuss as well as lifestyle convenience – it is not always the best choice. There are many misconceptions with regards to shaving, and while these speculations are untrue, shaving is still not the top method of hair removal.

Waxing, the quickest (yet still slightly painful) method of hair removal. Using hot wax, a therapist will apply the wax to the area – once the wax is lifted and removed – the entire area is rid of hair right from the follicle. A therapist may use a tweezer or threading cotton in order to ensure total neatness of the area. 

Threading is like plucking but just on a larger scale and it takes much less time. The threading cotton captures each individual hair, pulling it from the root in rapid succession until the area is clean.

Hollywood vs Brazilian vs Bikini Wax

A Hollywood wax removes all intimate hair – front to back and all sides! While the Brazilian is slightly more conservative, leaving a strip/patch of intimate hair on the visible front – completely removing all other intimate hair from front to back. The bikini wax is perfect for “dipping your toes” toward the feeling (both physical and mental) for an intimate wax. This wax removes the hair in the groin and surrounding area – so that when the bikini area is exposed – all is neat and clean!

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