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Lady Grace is a lifestyle. A boutique space that offers indulgent treatments for women and men where quality and expertise make for an exclusive experience. A nail bar with a difference – we offer all your hands and feet could ever fancy, leaving you looking and them feeling exactly that … fancy.

With a diverse selection of nail products including Gelish, Shellac, BioSculpture, Acrylic, Vinylux, Morgan Taylor and more, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our menu extends to facials, waxing, massage, lashes, microblading, tinting, threading, microZone from Dermalogica as well as other specialised treatments.

Finished off with a glass of champagne and a range of products to go, you’ll never look or feel so good leaving a bar. Our boutique has a unique range of bags, shoes & accessories for sale too. We also offer private venue hire and fully inclusive packages for you and your friends to enjoy exclusively.

“…it’s not just about the nails…”s

Our Team

Tanaka at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre

Tanaka Ngoma – Skin Care Therapist

Listening, advising and finding a solution have always been my strong points. The ability to have a client come to me as they are and to walk out happy and satisfied is what I live for and what drives me.

Tanaka Ngoma by name. A Zimbabwean lady who has been in the beauty and skin care industry for 6 years. And what people generally call a Jack of all Trades. This is because I do not believe in limits in what I can offer to my clients and if I am confident in my abilities to perform all the treatments I do, leaving clients feeling happy and revitalised, then that is what I am committed to.

My ultimate passion is skincare and aesthetic treatments as I love seeing the excellent results achieved and watching the transformation of a client’s skin.

The following treatments are my expertise – Facials, Collagen Induction Therapy and Dermapen, Dermaplaning, Microblading, Threading, Waxing, Tinting and Massages.

Sekai at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre

Sekai Kasere – Skin Care Therapist

I studied my beauty therapist course from 2010 and started working in the industry in 2013. While working at different skin centres, I excelled in my position and received multiple awards as well as a trip to the USA after winning the best beauty therapist accolade.

I became a senior beauty therapist at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre in 2019 where my focus is what I am most passionate about – skincare. I endeavour to walk the skin journey with each of my clients and to give them visible and long-lasting results that they are more than satisfied with.

Seeing the dramatic changes their skin undergoes is what makes me happiest and it is of utmost importance to me to ensure they are at their happiest too.

Trust me to be your #skintellectual and let us change your skin together.

Patience at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre

Patience Kainjah – Nail & Eyelash Extension Artist

My name is Patience and I have been with Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre for a year and a half now. I am a certified lash extension and nail technician. I do manicures and pedicures and love doing acrylic nails, sculpture, PolyGel and nail art.

It gives me great joy to see my clients leave the skin centre feeling brand new and happy. I know that this industry is constantly evolving, and I make sure I am up to date with the latest current trends and techniques.

Doing lash extensions is one of the areas of my work that I thoroughly enjoy. It gives me great joy to create a set of lashes that leaves a client leaving and feeling FabuLash.

For glam nails and glam lashes (or just subtle ones) – I am your girl

Yolanda at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre

Yolanda Kambewa – Nail Technician

I remember when I used to paint my nails with pens and highlighters as a 7-year-old little girl. I would be intrigued whenever I saw ladies with their nails done and wished I could have nails like theirs too. My passion for nails started at this young age and so it was not a surprise when I decided to pursue a career in beauty.

My name is Yolanda (or Yoli as my clients affectionately refer to me) and I have now been doing nails for years. I began working at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre in 2016 and have bettered myself more and more over the years – always eager to learn and improve my skills.

I specialise in all manicures and pedicures as well as in advanced nail systems including sculpting, PolyGel, nail extensions, acrylic, Gelish, BioSculpture and SurgiHeel. My personal favourite and constant challenge to myself – nail art.

Lorraine at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre

Lorraine Sibanda – Nail Technician

My name is Lorraine or Lo as many clients know me. I have loved doing nails for a long time and to be honest had a lot to learn when I first began. I started at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre in 2016 and through the patience of Kim – my boss, lots of practise and very understanding clients, I grew from strength to strength.

I can confidently say I am now happy with my work and because I have always loved nails and beauty, I persevered until I became the best nail technician I could. I am still always willing to learn and become better and better and welcome any challenges that come my way. I specialise in all manicures and pedicures (which I especially enjoy) as well as in advanced nail systems including PolyGel, nail extensions, acrylic, Gelish, BioSculpture, SurgiHeel and nail art.

Charity at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre

Charity Goromondo – Nail Technician

Charity is my name, but you can call me Chaz. Nails are my passion and I have been at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre for nearly two years now.

I have always enjoyed beauty and have a love for creating a beautiful set of nails that my clients are extremely satisfied with.

My aim is always to please my clients as much as possible and I enjoy not only doing their nails but getting to know them too, creating a personal experience for them. I specialise in all manicures and pedicures as well as using advanced nail systems including PolyGel, nail extensions, acrylic, Gelish, BioSculpture, SurgiHeel and nail art.

Kim McCusker owner at Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre

Kim McCusker

I am the owner of Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre which was established in 2016. When I decided to open this business, I had little experience in the industry and only knew what I knew from being someone who always indulged in having skin treatments, nail treatments, eyelash extensions and other beauty therapies. In fact, I came with a background in law and was a qualified and practising advocate up until 2011.

Towards the end of 2011, I was involved in a horrific accident in which I was dragged under a taxi for 780 metres. It was a deliberate act of malice on the part of the taxi driver and I sustained serious and life-threatening injuries. The recovery I underwent required me to be in ICU in isolation for over three months and then to have continuous operations and treatments for a following four and a half years. To date I have had close to 40 lengthy surgical procedures all under general anaesthetic, have had to learn to walk again and have fought hard to recover as well as I have.

Having always been someone with ambition and a need for achievement, I began to explore my options of my next step once the four and a half years and necessary procedures (for the time being) were completed. I was unable to go back to practise as an advocate due to various reasons relating to my capabilities as a result of my injuries and so another business appealed to me.

I had always enjoyed beauty and the feeling I has as I walked out of a salon and wanted to create that for others. After lots of thought and weighing up all things necessary Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre was born. I endeavoured to create a space where clients would feel pampered, comfortable, personally attended to and would enjoy a bespoke and custom-made experience each time they visited. Quality of the highest standard was always a top priority and personalised treatments were a must.

I have found treating clients and looking after their beauty needs, no matter how big or small, extremely rewarding and enjoyable. It is a great pleasure knowing that our clients leave Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre feeling better than they did before coming through our doors and the Lady Grace team will continue to service and spoil clients passionately and for a long time to come.

I wish to thank all our clients for all their support over the years. It is invaluable to me and allows me the privilege of being able to employ and help support seven staff members knowing they are in turn able to support their families. We welcome everyone to Lady Grace Nail and Skin Centre and hope to continue to grow and to attract new clients and very importantly – retain our current ones.

Much love


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