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Dermaplaning Facial Treatment

Dermaplaning is among the popular methods of hair removal. It is loved for its painless, fuss-free and quick process of removing the vellus hair from your face. Dermaplaning is performed by a skincare specialist who trains on how to correctly manoeuvre the scalpel to manually exfoliate the skin. The entire process will leave your skin brighter and free from dead skin and unwanted hair as well as leave your skin looking and feeling smooth, promoting a more even application of face makeup. This removal and exfoliation method is ideal for people with sensitive skin seeking to solve two targeted treatments at once – deep exfoliation and facial hair removal.

Price – R450

Duration 60mins
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How do you prepare for Dermaplaning?

There are little pre-treatment requirements since Dermaplaning is a simple and painless process. You should always remain hydrated and be consistent with your skincare regime. Your skin therapist would generally apply a cooling serum or gliding oil to eliminate irritation or discomfort.


Although one of the benefits of Dermaplaning is a smoother make-up application, you should avoid direct sunlight, sweat as well as makeup application for at least 24 hours after the treatment to ensure that nothing contaminates or irritates your skin through the exposed pores.

What is the difference between Dermaplaning, waxing and threading?

The goal of Dermaplaning treatment is to achieve deep exfoliation, with hair removal being a bonus to the treatment whereas threading or waxing is mainly concerned with hair removal. If you are looking for hair removal from the hair follicle and you do not have sensitive skin – then waxing or threading should be just fine for you. However, if your concern is skin health and you suffer from sensitive skin then Dermaplaning is your way to go.

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